About Alive Probiotics

Alive Probiotics is part of a super immune boosting pack called Super PRO Immune Booster.  If your gastro-intestinal tract is happy you are happy.  You are what you eat or what you eat will eat you.

alive probiotics by Whole Family ProductsTaking a probiotic supplement like Alive Probiotics you give your body that fighting chance to avoid digestion disasters such as GERD – gastro intestinal reflux disease, indigestion, heartburn, gallstones, upset stomach, pains in the stomach, abdomen, belly aches, PID pelvic inflammatory disease, yeast infections, food allergies and much more.  Visit Pain in the Stomach . com for more information about pain in the abdomen.

This is the just beginning of what Alive Probiotics can and will do for you when taken regularly.  Reverse the affects your bought has wrought with poor lifestyle and eating habits.

Each capsule of Alive Probiotics has 10 billion living organic bacteria organisms.  That is huge.  Products like Align only boast of 1 billion.

Consider the pack as well which includes the Super Immune Booster for enhancing the immune system function in a pumped up way while setting your gastrointestinal tract right again.

Thank you for considering Alive Probiotics.  You will not be sorry you did.  Put the party back into your belly!